Questa Public Library


Book Sale!

Book Sales

As we receive donations, room needs to be made for new books. We use a process called "weeding" to remove old, dirty, or never-been-checked-out books. In areas where information changes quickly, we weed aggressively. These books and duplicates end up for sale.

Currently, we are selling hardback books for 50¢ and paperbacks for 25¢! There are great bargains waiting for you to snap up.

Children's books are only 25¢, making them affordable for kids to buy. All books are in window wells and are clearly marked.

Summer Reading Program

Every summer, QPL holds a month-long Summer Reading program. Monica Ortega and Cami Ortega lead children with stories, fun activities and encouragement to read books (with prizes!)

Book Club

See our blog for events and featured books from the QPL Book Club.

The Dropped Stitch

An informal group of handworkers, The Dropped Stitch meets at the Library every Thursday at 2:30 pm to knit, crochet, sew, and catch up with local news. This group personifies the role of the Questa Public Library as a social center as well as a learning center.


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