Questa Genealogy Digital Collection

The new addition to the Questa Public Library houses a dedicated space for the Questa Public Library Questa History Archive.

This archive, which augments the library’s already extensive southwestern reference collection of books, provides an educational resource for Questa teachers and residents, some genealogical research for Questa families, materials for providing physical exhibits in the library, and resources for just finding out interesting facts about Questa. The project will also develop a body of material that historians can use for future research projects on aspects of Questa history.

Most importantly, this spotlighting of Questa’s history and culture will bolster our sense of community. Please contact the Questa Public Library at 575-586-2023 to arrange for your own  contributions to the QPL History Archives.

Previous donations include a history of the Questa molybdenum mine. Online exhibits provide photographic information about Questa’s history, and planned in-library exhibits will invite community participation.

We hope that Questa residents who have historical and genealogical materials will be able to donate copies of archival material in their possession to the Questa Public Library History Archives. By assembling and cataloguing all available historical material, we can provide a more complete picture of Questa’s rich history for our residents and for the future.

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