Questa Molybdenum Mine

Photos of the Questa molybdenum mine from the New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS), 1925 - 1971.
Moly Corporation mine office at Questa, New Mexico, ca 1955

New Mexico Geological Society Photos

The Questa Public Library History Archives aims to collect documents regarding the history of the Questa molybdenum mine. The printed archives at the library contain some items, but most of the material collected here is in links. These photos are from the New Mexico Geological Society (NMGS), part of the future digital archival collection for the mine.

Information regarding the photos has been provided by the NMGS.

This 1920 article, THE R AND S MOLYBDENUM MINE, TOAS [sic} COUNTY, NEW MEXICO by Esper S. Larsen and Clarence S. Ross, provides some early history of the Questa mine and additional context for the early NMGS photos.

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